WANT Participants of Travel Interview

To foreign travelers, would you join our paid interview? 

We are looking for tourists’ participants of our travel research interview to ask your travel behavior and impression in Osaka/Kyoto.

Interview Schedule
  • Date & Time:     July 23, 2019    17:00 –
    (You can choose available time for 1 hour in this period)
  • Location: Our office in Shinsaibashi 
  • Reward :  6,000 yen in cash just after the interview

Entry conditions:

  1. The purpose of your visit to be sightseeing mainly in Osaka/Kyoto
  2. At the time of interview, you should have stayed in Japan for more than 2 or 3 days.
  3. Speak no Japanese


== Entry Sheet ===

Yes, by myself/是的,我一个人来到这里No./不,我没有