WANT monitor tour participants! [Native English speaker]

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FREE monitor tour to Nishio (Aichi)!
~ Castle town and Mach Green Tea Calture~

Explore historic city of Aichi!   

Travel overview

【Date】 ・Sat. Jan. 18, 2020 ~ Sun. Jan. 19. 2020   2 days/1 night
【Destination】 Aichi Prefecture Nishio-City
【Itinerary】 Please refer to the itinerary below.
【Target people】 Foreign residents in Japan who are native speakers of English
(American / British / Australian / Canadian)
【Maximum number of participants】 10 people
【Participation Fee】 Free (Accommodation, Activity and Transportation fee after the meeting point)
※Round trip transportation costs from your home to Meitetsu Nishio Station are your own expense.
【Our request】 Please answer the tour questionnaire.
【Things to bring】 We will inform the participants on the final confirmation.

We are conducting a package tour for the purpose of tourism promotion to Western countries. This time, we are inviting group of people who speak English as a main language to join the trial tour and give us some helpful feedbacks.

About Nishio City

Nishio got its start as a medieval castle town after the Sengoku Warring States period of the 15th century. In the following Edo period, records show it producing enough rice to feed sixty thousand people. To this day, Nishio boasts many temples and other culturally important historic sites, all easily accessible from Nishio Station. Please come for a visit, take a look at the castle, enjoy the beauty of the surrounding landscape, and explore the many local specialties of Nishio.

Also Nishio is the home of matcha green tea.Why not sip a soothing cup of matcha or eat sweets with matcha ingredients in a teahouse where you can casually enjoy matcha?
Matcha and products with matcha ingredients are the perfect souvenirs.
You can also visit a matcha factory or experience a Japanese tea ceremony.

Website: http://nishiokanko.com/en

Let’s enjoy one of the most beautiful nature of Japan.


Making Macha exprience Using  high quality Nishio macha
Making Miso maru (Miso boll) Visiting historical spot
Visiting Mach factory Visiting Miso storehouse

Apply now if you are:

    • Healthy
    • Native speakers of English (Any age or gender)

*We will have English translator on the day.
*You can join with your friends! (same condition applied.)


9:30 Meet at Nishio Station

10:00~12:30 Take a tour at Miso park

12:45~14:15 Lunch time

Walking tour around historic spots

17:45~ After the experience, go to Hotel Nishio (filling the questionnaire)

08:00 Starting from Hotel Nishio

08:55~9:55 Macha experience

11:10~ Another activity. (Not yet confirmed)

Around 13:50 released at Nishio station