[Aichi] Free monitor tour for Native English speaker!

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FREE short tour to Nishio (Aichi)!
~ Visit MISO Park!~

Travel overview


【Date】 ・Jan. 24 (Fri) 15:00-17:00
【Destination】 Miso Park (21-1 Agatuma-cho, Nishio ciry, Aichi Japan 〒445-0861)
【Itinerary】 Around 15:00  Meet at Nishio station

Visit the Miso park about 2 hrs
・Gohei mochi activity and more!
Get one free Miso:)

Around 17:00 released at Nishio station
【Target people】 Foreign residents in Japan who are native speakers of English
(American / British / Australian / Canadian)
【Maximum number of participants】 10 people
【Participation Fee】 Free (Activity and Transportation fee after the meeting point)
※we will pay the roundtrip fee from your house to Nishio Station (There is a maximum limit for allowance )
【Our request】 Please answer the tour questionnaire.

We are conducting a package tour for the purpose of tourism promotion to Western countries. This time, we are inviting group of people who speak English as a main language to join the trial tour and give us some helpful feedbacks.

About Miso park

A miso and soy sauce theme park run by the long-established miso and soy sauce producer, Hattoya, founded in 1861. In the park is a natural food buffet restaurant with a focus on miso dishes, a bar refurbished like a 100 year old storehouse, and a warehouse shop selling the well-aged soybean miso ‘sannen jikomi’ and other seasonings, etc. Other popular things to do include tours of the miso storehouses and vats that have been used for a very long time, and visitors can also have a go at making miso too. The nearest station is Nishio Station.

Website: http://nishiokanko.com/en/miso-park


Gohei mochi (Skewered Grilled Rice Cake with Miso) experience Gohei mochi experience
Visiting Mach factory Visiting Miso storehouse

Apply now if you are:

    • Healthy
    • Native speakers of English (Any age or gender)

*You can join with your friends! (same condition applied.)